What Is MySpace?

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MySpace is a kind of social network that is extremely hot right now. It gets millions of visitors to its site each day and it is one of the most visited websites in the world. MySpace is a phenomenal and provides marketers another river to market their resources abundantly as it consist a large network of individuals. A lot of people were marketing their services on MySpace and it ranged from:

  • Singers
  • Actors
  • Models
  • Small business owners
  • Comedians
  • Filmmakers


The main theme about MySpace is to add friends using various marketing techniques and that is displayed in your profile. The reason why marketers want friends is so that they will have a range of people that they can market to; it is sort of like an email list in a sense. You can also send a message to all your friends through the MySpace bulletin system which is one of the central marketing systems in MySpace.

MySpace was originally built for the younger audience but you can see that it’s obviously changing very quickly because a lot of the older audiences roam around there. The concept with the “friends” theme is very similar to high-school so you have to step outside your normal business frame of mind and work on fitting in.

Ask yourself what do they want? It’s quite simple; all they want is to feel accepted and to have friends. They are not on there to market their products; they just want to accumulate as many friends as possible and to feel good about themselves. Why do you think people post pictures and ask for comments? They want to feel good about themselves; it makes them feel more confident and happy which people would gladly pay lots of money for but you will be giving it to them for free. Why do you think Americans spend millions of dollars each year on cosmetic surgery? Do they really need it? Of course not, but they want the attention of their peers and surroundings. So, make sure to leave comments for your friends. Be a super cool, but a super helpful friend.

MySpace is a business in itself, and you should spend some time to build this effectively, nothing a software program can do by itself, it needs the human touch. MySpace is a great place to learn about the “sociological” aspects of human beings. I learn a new thing every-time I go there. I like to use MySpace to gather feedback and understand humans better because they are in a different state of mind on there. It is like my own scientific laboratory in a sense.

You can add more features to a social network and try to make it better them MySpace but I doubt that you will overcome MySpace, the same can be said about the other powerful social networks such as eBay. You can try to make something better by adding more features and reducing the price but being the first is something that people will always remember.

So, if you can’t beat something what is your next route? You join them, so this is what we are about to do and this is exactly what a lot of other social networks have done and they used MySpace as a fuel to drive on. An example of a social network that used MySpace to fuel their burning growth is YouTube. In matter of fact, the growth of YouTube was so rampant that it actually threaten MySpace own video resources and they wanted to disable MySpace users from using the network on MySpace, but the users loved YouTube so much so YouTube has became an exponentially growing phenomenal since.

So, the next question is how can you become the next YouTube and use MySpace to fuel your next product marketing? Well, there are some ways that you can go about doing this and I will get to them in other posts later.

Integrate your business around MySpace to:

  • Build a rapport with prospective customers
  • Generate more traffic to your website
  • Build up your newsletter
  • Network with people that have similar goals with you
  • Use it as another free source for advertising

So How To Sign Up For An Account?

Any individual can sign up to use MySpace by opening up a free account. Your MySpace profile is the place you log in when coming to MySpace everyday. Once you log in you can check your profile just like checking an email account, you can check for new messages or new friends requests. Friends are the main theme around MySpace, the more friends you have equals the more people you can market to.


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