Guide On Google Tools For Marketing

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Google has definitely come a long way to become the current leading GIANT in search engine. All Internet users had already seen the versatility of this search engine. Today, Google has become the most dominant search tool on the web, with an index of over 25 BILLION pages, while handing over 200 million queries a day.

Google’s main business is in its search engine and has always been big on making the world’s information accessible. But this is not the only service that Google offers today. Google is also providing all kinds of tools for businesses and marketers to engage online. Most of these tools and features are developed by Google itself. But some tools are started out as independent projects designed by other companies. Google will only make an offer to acquire that company if any of the Google executives see an interesting application that could achieve its goal. And for many years, the company mainly focused on always improving the quality of their search results and powerful tools for their users. Brilliant marketers have already begun figuring out ways to grow their businesses and increase their brand awareness online through the use of Google tools.

These are some of the main Google tools that I highly recommend you to use for your marketing online. Most people don’t realize that these tools that Google provides are free. Do not think that these free tools aren’t worth much just because it’s free, as they are definitely effective and contribute to your success of marketing online. They are:

  1. Google Trends (Search popular trends)
  2. Google Alerts (Updates of your desired search results)
  3. Google Keyword (Get new keyword ideas)
  4. Google Analytics (Analyze your online traffic and campaigns)
  5. Google Website Optimizer (Testing of your site content)
  6. Google Business Solutions (Range of tools that can help your business)

If you want to maximize your social media strategy, do together with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), researching and tracking like what your customers are talking about your brand, what your customers are searching online and where are your customers located. In this way, you will surely increase your branding awareness and maximize your marketing efforts online! Now I believe that you are starting to understand the need of utilizing Google tools, I hope you are ready to start exploring the different Google tools available to determine which suits your marketing best. Start register a Google account if you haven’t done so.

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