Ford’s Latest Social Media Strategy

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Ford has realized the power of connectivity that social media provides to people and its extension to the promotion of products and brands promotion. It is becoming easier and easier to interact with each other. As we all looking for human interaction, social networks help us satisfy this urge.

The profile creation by Ford is a strategic move for promotion on popular social networks such as Twitter and  Facebook etc helps in two ways. It gives them a representation on the websites and helps the interaction of employees with bosses.

Ford is too big a company to be able to engage only a single user on each network site and hope for all the customers to be connected. Therefore Ford has intelligently increased its representation according to the market demand in different areas and regions. This has helped it connect with a lot of users and customers.

The most important factor for influence in the market for Ford is the Ford’s Digital Snippets Web site. This site functions for the total blogs which deal with their every product, media releases, business and other contact related information. An additional feature is that it invites the customer to discuss with each other their experience and inform the brand about their suggestions. This is fast becoming a hub for corporate interaction.

Twitter Ford is one of the major places where you see the influence of the strategy. Here they can engage their managers in direct communication with the people which helps in the market value of the product. The central idea in this revolution remains that people are capable of impressing others with their brands and that’s what the concept of social networking is about. This makes the execution of the task more effective with an explanation about the brand, company, customer services and strategies of framework. Twitter has given them a broad stage and a lot of help in displaying their connectivity and commitment with customers.

Many of the employees of Ford have Facebook accounts where they can fan mark their brands and attend to discussion boards and application pages where you can influence each other as well as the Ford team. This builds a community in the Ford staff as well as their customers. In this way they have assembled an army as such to market their product into the world.

Ford also uses YouTube very effectively with its current campaign of motion Fiesta. They choose 100 blog users in the nation who win a fiesta six months before the actual release of the car in US. This campaign has won a lot of popularity and fame of YouTube and is a testimony of Ford strategy.

The marketing strategies used by Ford have been very interesting. It has utilized the tools of social networking very effectively by using the complete resources available. They basically realize that the social media are a part of the process of the global trade and therefore have devised a neat plan that coordinates with their already existing market policy outside the internet. This has made the big brands more valuable in face value and increased interaction with customers, discussions and participations!

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