Using Facebook As A Branding Strategy For Your Business

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Are your business connected to the social media revolution? If you want to stay ahead of your competition and allow consumers to interact with your brand, social media is definitely the way to start. This is a long term marketing strategy as it takes time to build a community. If done correctly, social media helps to drive potential customers to your website and creating awareness for your brand.

Foremost you need to have a Facebook personal account before you can create a Facebook fan page. Scroll to the bottom page once you are logged in and click Advertising, followed by Pages and then click Create Page. Do note that it is important to categorize your business in the right category as it helps users to locate your company.Setting up is really simple as Facebook will guide you through the process. I will not be showing you each and every steps but I will get into details of the important factors to create a winning Facebook fan page.

  1. Photo – Decide what the ideal photo for your page is. Your logo may not be the best choice for your page. Although you want your fans to recognize your brand upon seeing your photo, but by adding some creativity to a photo that is related to your business may attract even more fans.
  2. Write something about your company – Write a compelling statement in 250 characters or less in the white box under your picture that shows “Write something about your company”. You may want to include your website link here. (Write the whole URL address to make the link “clickable”). You can also update your fans here if you have any upcoming promotion or event happening in your company.
  3. Wall Settings – You are able to set if you allow your fans’ messages to be displayed on your fan page wall or you prefer to only have your messages shown. I would recommend all messages to be displayed for the start as it help to build your wall faster and an interactive place for your fans to interact. If your fans post unrelated wall messages, you can always choose to remove them.

You have successfully created a fan page after filling in the remaining information about your business and ready to make the page publicly visible. You can now suggest this fan page to everyone who is interested in your company. The real work is only getting started now. Marketing and branding often requires time and attention. This is not a one time set and forget fan page hoping people to find you. No one will ever become a fan if nothing interests them on your page. Post some useful information or interesting things mainly for your fans not you. You can also post some questions to get responses and know more from your fans.

Posting useful links and/or fun photos are also a great method of getting fans interested. They appear more visually appealing to attract your fans’ attention. Posting your website links occasionally has the benefit of driving people to your site to find out more. Post and attach a link whenever you update information, new promotion or event on your website. Ultimately, the objective of having a Facebook fan page is to engage it as a branding platform to promote your business brand. For example, if your company is in the automobile industry, share tips about how to maintain car. If your company is all about marketing and branding (like Social Media Online), you can also post events photos, links to blog posts and useful information for your readers.

These are the basic setup for a Facebook fan page, but once you get advanced you will realize that there are many useful applications to add on your fan page such as linking from your Twitter’s tweets and much more. But before you do any of these advanced stuffs, create a page and build fans now to get started. Lastly, do not forget to include a Facebook badge on your website so that readers can join your Facebook fan page. I have just shown you how you can use Facebook as a branding strategy for your business.


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