Keeping Track Of Your Social Media Campaign

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Social media is a new phenomena but it has developed quickly over the past few years. It is a mixture of sociology and technology and it uses the people as its subject. The evolution of social media has taken over the industrial media which includes TV, newspapers etc. The era of industrial media is about to end because the social media is becoming the new norm now. The best thing about the social media is that every one can participate and every one can publish his piece.

Now the social media tools like Stumbleupon, and play a very important role in increasing the website traffic. These tools are commonly used by most of the people who use the internet regularly will have an account with at least one of them. These website/tools help to promote the other websites and hence resulting in great increase in traffic.

In order to track the social media analytics, you need to understand what you want to track. This is important because you can not conquer the thing that you do not have any idea about. You need to decide what you want to track. You may wish to know how many people are visiting your website or you may want to keep track of the websites that are ranking your website. This all depends on you and this is the first thing that you need to decide. Once you have decided what you want to do, then you can look for the tools that are there to help you track the particular thing.

Twitter can be very useful as a tool if you want to track the traffic statistics related to your campaign. This is useful if you are tracking a wider campaign. The comments and responses on twitter can easily give you a good idea of the trend.

If you want to monitor the traffic or the visitors and the pages each visitor visits per visit, you can find plenty of good software. There is a Google Analytics which can really give you the detailed statistics.

There are a lot of tools that can help you to gather the social media information. Most of them are great at it and you will not have any worries with them. But the problem is that no single tool provides all the things in one place. You must use more than one tool to properly collect the data.

Once you have collected the information and data relative to your goal, you can then analyze. Analysis of such data is the real task. It’s not an easy task and years of dedicated work is the only thing that will help you in this regard. The art of web analytics is the most difficult thing to master. You need to understand the audience and then you must also know the behavior of each of the tools that you are using to collect the data. Sometimes the apparent data by a tool will not show the exact picture and you will only be able to make a correct analysis once you have studied enough about the behavior of that particular tool.

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